Signs She’s in Love With You

If she does these things, she might be in love with you

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Photo by Gideon Hezekiah on Unsplash

Before we start I want to clarify that not all women are the same and that love manifests itself in different ways for each individual. However, here are 12 common things that women in love may do with their partners:

She looks at you most of the time: You know when you’re watching that super cute cat video on YouTube and you just can’t tear your eyes away? That’s how she is with you. If she’s always stealing glances your way, it might be because she’s seriously into you.

She always encourages you: If she’s your personal cheerleader, always there to pat your back, or send you encouraging texts before that important meeting, it could mean she’s got more than a little crush on you.

She is concerned about you: Does she ask if you’ve had lunch when you’re working late or remind you to take your umbrella when it’s cloudy outside? These little signs of concern often mean she cares deeply about your well-being.

She flirts with you: Flirting can be as subtle as a playful punch on the arm or as obvious as complimenting your new haircut. If she’s flirting, she’s trying to tell you she’s interested.

She is ready to protect and defend you: Remember that time she defended your questionable fashion choices to your friends? She’s got your back because she cares about you.

She calls you often for even trivial things: Do you find her calling you up just to share a funny meme or ask your opinion about her new shoes? Frequent communication often means she loves your company and wants to keep the connection alive.

Physical signs: You know those rom-coms where the girl gets all fluttery and nervous around the guy she likes? If she’s blushing or gets sweaty palms around you, she might be experiencing those classic symptoms of love!

She often says “I Love You”: This one is a no-brainer, right? If she’s dropping the L-word, chances are she means it.

You are her priority: Ever notice how she always makes time for you, no matter how busy she is? If you’re on top of her priority list, she’s definitely smitten.