To My True Love

A poem to the one I truly love.

B Smilled


Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

In the quiet whispers of the night

I pen these words for you, my delight

My heart aflutter, like a bird in flight

Under the canvas of stars so bright

Your love is my guiding light.

A beacon in the darkness

Shining ever so bright

Like the moon in its silent watchful plight

You fill my world with radiant light

Our love, as deep as the ocean’s might

Unfathomable, a sailor’s delight

It ebbs and flows, in gentle respite

A ceaseless tide under the star’s soft light

Your laughter, it echoes, a melody so right

It dances on the wind, into the day and through the night

A symphony of joy, in every note, pure delight

A song that stirs the soul, in the soft glow of moonlight

Your eyes hold galaxies, a sight so bright

A universe unfolding, in them, I lose my plight

Stars shimmering, in your gaze alight

A cosmic love story, our love at first sight

Our hearts intertwined, in an eternal flight

Like twin flames burning, in passion’s height

In this dance of love, we twirl, so light

Under the watchful stars, our silent witness of the night

So here’s to us, my love, our journey, our fight

Through stormy seas and starry nights

In your arms, I find my respite

To my true love, my moon, my star, my delight.

Thank you for reading!